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tomcafe -> 2 providers, 2 external NICs, 2 gateways (12.Dec.2001 2:17:00 PM)


currently i have a 2,3 Mbit leased line SDSL with static IPs on my external ISA interface. One Web is causing a lot traffic. Now i want to add an additional leased line from a different provider for this high traffic web.

Can I do this simply by adding another network interface with a gateway to the second provider (and publishing the web on that new ip)?
Will the traffic caused by external users on the second line use that 2nd gateway? Or will only the request routed to that 2nd external interface and to the webserver and the answer from the webserver sent through the default gateway on the 1st interface?

Any suggestions?

Tom Cafe

tshinder -> RE: 2 providers, 2 external NICs, 2 gateways (12.Dec.2001 5:05:00 PM)

Hi Tom,

You need two ISA Servers to do this. Only one external interface per ISA Server.



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