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gtlscot -> Internet Access Problems (29.Jun.2003 11:05:00 PM)


In our ISA testing we have fallen over at the first hurdle.

ISA installed as caching server only.

Although we can access the internet it has only been possible with anonymous access.

On occasions were we have had some form of authentication we have been unable to access the web.

As part of our setup we have carried out the following:

Protocol Rule:

Allow; HTTP;HTTPS and FTP traffic, Everyone group.

Site and Content rule

Allow,All destinations, Everyone Group


All outgoing web requests: Ask unauthenticated users for identification.
Integrated authentication.

Unable to access the internet at this stage being presented with page not found errors.

If we unchecked ask for authentication we were still unable to access web. However on these

occasions the we were asked to enter user name and password details in the browser. Still unable

to access web after entering correct details.

By accident we were able to gain access to the web by changing the following settings:

In both the protocol and content rules we changed the client type from the everyone group to any

request. We also kept the authentication setting unchecked. Hey presto web access. After

checking the logs we were accessing the web as anonymous users.

Lastly we again checked the authentication settings but kept both our rules with any requests.

Again we were unable to access the web.

Help - Now confused and frustrated


tshinder -> RE: Internet Access Problems (1.Jul.2003 6:21:00 AM)

Hi G,

Never force authentication at the listener. Always enforce it via Protocol and/or Site and Content Rules.


gtlscot -> RE: Internet Access Problems (1.Jul.2003 8:18:00 AM)

Tom Thanks for the advice. One question however, how do you force it at these areas.


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