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jaya -> isa server configuration (2.Feb.2004 7:23:00 PM)


I have recently joined a company as a system admin, the previous system admin has installed ISA.I am pretty new to ISA. I have a read a lot of documents on this site. After all this and reveiwing the ISA Server Configuration, I have a question with respect to the setup.
The ISA 2000 Server is isntalled on a Win 2000 Member Server. It has 2 nics, the external nic is installed just fine. Except that no dns server has been assisgned in TCP/IP Settings. The Internal NIC has a address, no gateway assisgned to it.Which is also correct. but it also has a external address allocated to it. The Listener is configured to be this address which is assigned to this internal card.
My question is ,is this setup correct. Right now evetything is working fine with this setup.
Please help.
Thank you

tshinder -> RE: isa server configuration (9.Feb.2004 3:38:00 AM)

Hi Jay,

That is a correct config if you do not have an internal DNS server that can resolve Internet host names.


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