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deyster -> Need a suggestion (6.May2002 3:35:00 PM)

I am running two ISA servers. One is going to be our new proxy server and has Trendmicro Webmanager software and Mcafee AV running on it. The other ISA server only does web server publishing. It has McAfee AV also, but nothing else. I would like to put some other program on the server to scan connections/traffic coming into the ISA box from the internet. The only connections coming in are to the sites that we have published. This server will never be used as a proxy server. I have looked at what Trendmicro has, but I am not sure what would best suite this siutation. Any ideas? TIA.


Abraham -> RE: Need a suggestion (6.May2002 7:10:00 PM)

Hi, Deyster

I've been working whit LANguard whit excelent results, but after the time i found the Reports(Logs) not detailed, in fact right now im testing Webtrends, is an excelent product to, an the Log's are more detailed. Both are really Goood products.

deyster -> RE: Need a suggestion (6.May2002 7:57:00 PM)

Which webtrends software are you testing? I was looking at either serverprotect or webprotect. Thanks.


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