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cmuller -> Can not see anything on remote network (13.Jun.2002 10:28:00 PM)

I have setup the VPN on ISA. I am able to connect, authenticate, and register to the remote network. The issue I am having I cant do anything. I cant ping any devices on the remote network. If I try to map a drive a drive the only machines I see are the ones on my local domain. So I dont even see the second domain that I am vpn to. Any help would be great.

Jez -> RE: Can not see anything on remote network (13.Jun.2002 10:41:00 PM)

Are you pinging by name or IP? If by name, run an ipconfig to check your getting assigned a DNS server correctly, and also try by IP.

When you say "the only machines I can see" please dont tell me your trying to use "my network places"...dont bother...its nasty, always go by name.

Do you have a DHCP relay on the ISA server (or rather the VPN server, which i presume is isa?)

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