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Guest -> Error Message 735 (29.Mar.2003 3:39:00 PM)

The following:

I try to connect to a LAN behind an ISA Server 2000 firewall. Using the tutorials on this excellent websites, I already managed to configure the server and install RAS and Routing with a static address pool to

I try to connect via a Windows 2000 VPN Client, but although I get the message that my computer is being registered in the network (so logon and password seem to be transmitted correctly), I can't get any further. A message appears "TCP/IP Error 735 - The address has been refused by the server" (I hope this is an adequate translation, the original language is german).

It seems that the IP address I have chosen for my client connection is not valid.

Why? What did I miss? Please help...

thanx in advance

tshinder -> RE: Error Message 735 (29.Mar.2003 11:58:00 PM)

Hi spiderman,

Does the user have permission to connect via dial-in?


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