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grantrh -> VPN Problems ISA 2000 Array (1.Feb.2005 3:07:00 PM)

I followed the instructions in this article http://www.isaserver.org/img/upl/vpnkitbeta2/isanlbvpn.htm about configuring NLB on and ISA 2000/vpn server. Everything works properly until I get to the point where I have to change the default Packet Filters to use the VIP. Once I point it at that, and configure the clients to use the VIP, the VPN no longer establishes a connection. The clients connection just times out trying to connect. If I set the rule back to the defaults, the clients can connect to either ISA server as a VPN client and share the internal resources. The NLB seems to be working as all NIC's are converged and the Internal Network VIP is working great to load balance between the 2 servers. Any suggestions on what to look for or try.


2 ISA 2000 server on Windows 2003 with Active Directory
All 2k3 updates
SP2 ISA with FP1

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