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Taomyn -> GameVoice Hosting (2.Nov.2001 1:21:00 PM)

It didn't occur to me that GV would use DirectPlay, but then again I'm still to be convinced it does (see my setup below).

Any way, you _can_ host a GV session, but you have to do it indirectly, i.e. you run the GameVoice server (downloadable from the GV website.

I have it set up as a manual service on my ISA server (so I can run it up only when necessary), and I've added a Packet Filter in ISA for it (you can't use a Server Publishing as Microsoft give you no way to bind the GV server to only one IP). The filter is set as follows:

Type: Custom
Protocol: UDP (17)
Direction: Receive send
Local Port: Fixed
Local Port: 9110
Remote Ports: All ports

This allows me to host a session from any Internal workstation by setting it up on the GV server, and then others on the Internet can join them.

JaimeP -> RE: GameVoice Hosting (2.Nov.2001 5:48:00 PM)

Cool! This is excellent info! Thanks for posting this! I'll try and get this into the games list as well.


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Jez -> RE: GameVoice Hosting (3.Nov.2001 2:16:00 AM)

Nice, ive had GV working, but opened up way to many ports...i'll try tightening it down to just this.



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