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cmuller -> XBOX (19.Nov.2001 9:51:00 PM)

Anyone know which ports the XBOX uses?

Jez -> RE: XBOX (19.Nov.2001 9:59:00 PM)

MS are releasing an application filter for it, the internet enabled games use stupid port connections (mainly because MS believe multiple people will be playing from behind 1 router/firewall, and they are suffering from the directx "1 person behind a firewall only" problem right now).

Shoudl be interesting to see how it works though.

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JaimeP -> RE: XBOX (22.Nov.2001 6:59:00 AM)

At this time XBox does not support any online play. There are games however like Halo which support multiplayer through a LAN only. I'm sure much more info will come around as soon as all the online stuff starts coming around.

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GregC -> RE: XBOX (5.Dec.2001 9:53:00 PM)


You can use VPN Tunneling software across the net to connect XBOXs. I'll spare you guys the details.

Go to:


They have developed a tunneling client semi-integrated with their game management tool.
It seems work quite well, but beware of latency problems. Halo can be unplayable above a 200ms ping.


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