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dsteadson -> CounterStrike, Battlefield 1942 (12.Dec.2002 6:45:00 AM)

We have a network of a dozen PCs sitting behind ISA server, which then sits behind an ADSL router. While the ADSL router does NAT, we want to use the firewalling, caching, and bandwith limiting of ISA.

Now, we've managed to configure everything so that web/ftp/ping etc etc works fine from the clients. Now we're trying to allow internet gaming. So far we've tried CounterStrike and BallteField 1942 and can't get either working. For CounterStrike we've setup the protocol definitions as per this site (for HalfLife) but still no luck. We can get a server list, but no connections. We have Allow All Packet Filters and Protocol Rules. We've also tried both with and without the Firewall Client installed. What are we missing?? If we run the client direct off the ADSL NAT it works fine, just not if we set it via ISA.

Any hints?


jgisler -> RE: CounterStrike, Battlefield 1942 (18.Dec.2002 3:42:00 AM)

this is a common issue. Use something to sniff the traffic. Get all the ports. Disable the firewall client on the client machines. Input all the proper ports in the protocol config. I play all games with no issues. Biggest complaint with ISA is the tedious input setup MS designed. Makes you wonder if they even use this themselves. What we do is use ISA for the basics, HTTP blocking & what not. I then use *nix iptable servers for all other stuff. Because simply, it works. =)

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