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cgrace1970 -> Army Operations Solution (10.Apr.2003 12:02:00 AM)

Here's what I had to do to get Army Operations up and running. I created several "Protocol Definitions" under "Policy Elements". I do realize there are some redundancies, but better safe than sorry. "[Wink]" I am running the Firewall Client on the workstation.


Definition Name:
GameSpy Arcade

Primary Connection:
6500 UDP (Send Receive)

Secondary Connections:
6500 UDP (Receive Send)
6515 UDP (Send Receive)
6700 UDP (Send Recieve)
6700 UDP (Receive Send)
13139 UDP (Send Receive)
27900 UDP (Send Receive)
28900 TCP (Outbound)
29900 TCP (Outbound)
29901 TCP (Outbound)


Definition Name:
GameSpy 3D #1

Primary Connection:
25635 UDP (Send Receive)


Definition Name:
GameSpy 3D #2

Primary Connection:
28900 TCP (Outbound)


Definition Name:
Americas Army

Primary Connection:
1716 UDP (Send Receive)

Secondary Connections:
1717 UDP (Send Receive)
1718 UDP (Send Receive)
8777 UDP (Send Receive)
20045 TCP (Inbound)
27900 UDP (Send Receive)

Matthijs Hoekstra -> RE: Army Operations Solution (15.May2003 2:18:00 PM)

Do I need to do more that this definitions?

cgrace1970 -> RE: Army Operations Solution (15.May2003 6:01:00 PM)

That's all I did as well as use the firewall client. It's been working great since I posted that message. Your probably don't need to do the GameSpy 3D definitions, but the GameSpy Arcade and Americas Army (or whatever you want to call it) definitions are a must.

costapacket -> RE: Army Operations Solution (29.Jul.2003 4:39:00 PM)

Hi cgrace1970,
All the configuration above works...cept your missing
I couldnt get the Gamespy browser to actually show the games - drove me nuts for hours untill I checked the ISA logfile (thanks Tom!) and there it was asking for 28910!

'Error finding COLDBEER.CAN Sysop not loaded!'

cgrace1970 -> RE: Army Operations Solution (30.Jul.2003 5:35:00 PM)

Interesting, because I just checked my logs and it dosn't ask for port 28910 at all. It does however, try to access port 28917. I didn't have any problems with connecting before, but I did last night. LOL I'm going to investigate further. Maybe there is a range of ports that need to be opened for AA. I'll post here, if I find something.

cgrace1970 -> RE: Army Operations Solution (7.Aug.2003 2:19:00 AM)

I finally got around to looking at this and you are correct 28910 is required and missing from the configuration I posted. I had it open with another, previously created rule and that's how I missed it. Good show! [Wink]

w2k3trainer -> RE: Army Operations Solution (22.Aug.2003 3:41:00 AM)

There must be more to the solutions that either of you two used, cause AA 1.9 does not work in 3 different installations with your settings.

Please advise to more that has been done.

Doomsday -> RE: Army Operations Solution (22.Aug.2003 7:02:00 AM)

under what protocol definition do you put 28910 or do you put it as its own

cgrace1970 -> RE: Army Operations Solution (25.Aug.2003 11:04:00 PM)


I also have an "Allow All Protocol Access Rule", under "Protocol Rules", that opens up all the protocol definitions. I'm working on defining exactly which ports/protocols need to be set up, for those people who don't want to use the Firewall Client or open up all the protocol definitions. I've been working on it on and off for about a week, so I don't know when I will post a solution. I'm hoping to fix up a few other game protocol definitions at the same time, as well as some game servers.


You open up port 28910 in "Secondary Connectons" under the GameSpy Arcade definition.

Demo -> RE: Army Operations Solution (27.Aug.2003 1:27:00 PM)

Try look here:;f=15;t=000301

riordan -> RE: Army Operations Solution (3.Nov.2003 8:37:00 PM)

I have opened the ports necessary for AA login and browsing. I am using the Protocol Def. set listed in the post. I have NOT configured GSA or GS3D as I don't need them yet. I have two hosts inside that need this access. I am new to ISA and would appreciate any help you can offer.

Oh, I have changed only two things in ISA config, I have not started the procedures to completely secure it yet. I have created two Site and Content rules, one for two users to go anywhere and one for two users to be limited to a couple of web sites.


cgrace1970 -> RE: Army Operations Solution (5.Nov.2003 7:39:00 PM)

Ahh ... just because I missed it ... what exactly is your question?

riordan -> RE: Army Operations Solution (5.Nov.2003 8:23:00 PM)

You are so kind. LOL! I was in a hurry when I posted...guess I forgot to put my issue in the post!

Anyhow, I am unable to login from behind ISA. I get "Timed Out" when trying to login with AA. I noticed you said to disable all site and content rules, so I did. It still times out. Any ideas?


cgrace1970 -> RE: Army Operations Solution (6.Nov.2003 9:12:00 PM)

I don't see where I said to disable any rules, but I did mention I had a couple of custom ones. That's in order to restrict some other things and not specific to any AA setting.

I used to get the "Timed Out" message too. You said you didn't configure the GSA connections, but you will need to create them, because AA has the GSA browser built in to it. This may (or may not) be your problem. Don't forget to add the port 28910 TCP Outbound info to the secondary connection of GSA (mentioned in the thread), which I forgot in the original posting.

I hope this helps. [Wink]

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