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Could someone help me in determining what rules etc I would need to get this to function behind isa in a sbs2003 default, dual nic, enviroment. I am very new to ISA and Ive tried to create some rules, but cant get this to function. I keep getting blocked packet from 199.108.12.* over udp in the ipp logs.

EverQuest II LaunchPad and Patch Servers
A TCP connection is initiated from the LaunchPad client port > 1023 to patch.station.sony.com port 7000.
A UDP connection is initiated from the LaunchPad client port > 1023 to sdlaunchpad1.station.sony.com and sdlaunchpad2.station.sony.com port range 3016-3021 and 9700-9703.

EverQuest II Patch:
A TCP connection is initiated from the EverQuest II client port > 1023 to patch.everquest2.com, aberrpatch.everquest2.com, laerrpatch.everquest2.com, or amsrrpatch.everquest2.com at port 7010. Some of the above patchers resolve to multiple IP addresses, so if you have a strict outbound firewalling policy, be sure to check for all IP addresses using a DNS lookup tool.

EverQuest II Game Client:
UDP connections are initiated from the EverQuest II client port >1023 to servers on UDP ports 9100, and UDP ports in the range 32800-33000.
Additionally, ICMP messages type 0 (echo reply), 3 (unreachable), 8 (echo request) and 11 (expired) should be permitted bi-directionally between the client PC and the EverQuest II servers.

EverQuest II Servers Subnets:
There are multiple IP addresses for the Patch and LaunchPad clusters, and they may change as the network demands, so check often using a DNS lookup tool if you provide a specific firewall rule for these services. The EverQuest II server IP addresses are currently in these subnets: 64.37.158.*, 199.108.11.*, 199.108.12.*, 199.108.13.*, 199.108.202.*, 199.108.203.*, 195.33.135.*

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