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James Traynor -> Secondary Protocol Definition Settings: Cosmic Encounter & (5.Nov.2005 11:06:00 PM)

Several months ago I could not get Cosmic Encounter working properly for any internal clients. It would work fine on the server. "[Mad]"

I only use ISA server to try to keep the bad guys out, I'm not interested in restricting any activity of the internal clients. (ISA is on my Small Business Server 2003), all clients go thru this one server to get to the internet.)

Same with chat. It worked on the server, but not on any of the clients. Since chat is (I think) related to (based on?) Volcano Chat, this advice could possibly help you with any Volcano based chat site.

After spending $245 with Microsoft support, I learned that under ISA 2000 (possibly other verisions too, but I've got 2000)any secondary connections listed in a protocol definition might be ignored by the ISA program. MS said it was a known but obscure issue. So by listing each port of these protocols as their own individual protocol definitions, ISA allowed traffic to pass properly.

This is an internet version of the incredibly fun board game of the same name.

Cosmic Encounter Online

Cosmic Encounter Port 113 TCP Outbound
Cosmic Encounter Port 9000 TCP Outbound

Gay Dot Com Chat Port 7514 TCP Outbound Chat Port 7514 UDP Send/Recieve

Now I'm having fun trying to setup Kazaa lite ports properly. It works now, but it's flakey.

I sure hope you don't have to spend any money on MS support for such a stupid bug yourself. I feel like I'm giving away the legendary expensive cookie recipie.

Urban Legend Of Expensive Cookie Recipe

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