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loverules -> Port H323 GateKeeper (11.Jun.2002 3:06:00 PM)


I configured correctly my Gatekeeper becausse it works fine on my lan.

Now i need to know what port the Gatekeeper use on my external interface, becausse i use a isaserver in my internal lan and linux machine (for the time being) at the outside. Let me try me explain:

Linux machine with internal (192.168.x.x) and internetadress (x.x.x.x) with Linux <---> IsaServer ( and <---> behind here my second internal lan.

So i need to know the port off the H323 Gatekeeper where it listen on so i can make a portforward from my linux machine (outside interface) to my (internal) isaserver ( interface).


spouseele -> RE: Port H323 GateKeeper (12.Jun.2002 12:26:00 AM)

Hi network engineer,

as far as I know, only internal clients should register with the H.323 Gatekeeper. External clients not behind another Gatekeeper should call internal clients by using the ISA external interface as H.323 Gateway. For more info check out the ISA helpfile and the articles in the learning zone.


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