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adarias -> Net2Phone (16.May2003 1:55:00 PM)

How shoud I configure my ISA Server to make calls from my inside clients using net2phone.
I have allready configured a protocol rule that enables de net2phone and net2phone registration protocols, but when I try to connect from any client I get this error: "It was not possible to connect to the Socks Proxy Server" (I have the net2phone software configured to use the Internet Explorer proxy configuration).
I also configured the Server to use the H.323 Gatekeeper Protocol how its described in "Basic NetMeeting and ISA Server H.323 Gatekeeper Configuration"

Thank you for your help.

zzz343 -> RE: Net2Phone (16.May2003 10:19:00 PM)

Hello ADrian,

You don't need to configure any prtocols for net2phone as iSA have builtin support for it.
All you need is to load firewall client. You don't need to mention any setting like socs or http proxy in net2phone, if you do it will fail to initialise because, Net2phone requires you to establish direct connection with the other use wiht no proxy or firewall between.

Remove you I.E proxy settings , because many new messenger services automatically detect your I.E settings and adopt them respectively.

Also see what your firewall logs saying? They are your primary source for debuggin the problem. Enable all fields for firewall undeer MMC/Monitoring/ISA LOGS/Firewall logs/OPTIONS.

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