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danielpop -> Videoconference over ISA 2004 (1.Feb.2005 9:46:00 PM)

Hi all,

I have three videoconference devices connected to my Internal network (using IPs like,, and I would like to make them callable for clients located in the External network. By defining an access rule for H.323 Protocol I have made possible to make external calls from this devices and to join to external conferences. Now I have to make the other way around: to allow external clients to connect to my videoconference, either using dedicated videoconf devices or using NetMeeting (or other similar software). Please advise me what I need to configure so that all the three videoconference devices be available to external clients. Is it possible? I am using ISA 2004. I have read about Gateways and Gatekeepers but I am not sure if that's what I need in my scenario. "[Confused]"

Thank you very much,

jwilcox -> RE: Videoconference over ISA 2004 (7.Mar.2005 5:51:00 PM)

Did you ever figure this out? I have the exact same problem. Internal to external netmeeting works fine, but can't seem to make it work the other way around. I also have ISA 2004. I can find a lot of documentation for ISA 2000, but not ISA 2004. They seem to have removed the Gatekeeper from ISA 2004, so all the articles that talk about the gatekeeper are useless. Surely someone else has made this work. I've tried creating server publishing rules to try to publish the internal client, but have had no luck.

Any ideas?

waynewhittle -> RE: Videoconference over ISA 2004 (7.Apr.2006 2:59:29 PM)

Hey Daniel,

We are looking at setting this up also. Please advise on your publishing rule to make external calls from your devices and join external conferences.


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