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spouseele -> More flexible protocol definition (3.Jun.2002 10:52:00 PM)

The current protocol definition is limited to a single port for the primary connection. This pose sometimes a great problem because some applications (i.e. banking applications with SSL/TLS) use a range of TCP ports for the primary connection (i.e. TCP port 7000 - 7099).

I think it might be better that there is a possibility to also define a port range for the primary connection. As a site effect, it helps also to define a more liberal outbound policy (i.e. all outbound TCP) which is sometimes needed, but still more restrictive than all IP.


tshinder -> RE: More flexible protocol definition (4.Jun.2002 6:55:00 PM)

Hi Stefaan,

Excellent suggestion! Yes, allowing multiple ports for the primary connection would help quite a bit.



Guest -> RE: More flexible protocol definition (10.Jun.2002 9:24:00 PM)

count me in for this one, too.. and not just a range, but the ability to set several non-consecutive ports.

Danny -> RE: More flexible protocol definition (30.Jun.2002 1:38:00 AM)


it sounds to me that you also created all the Isabel protocols.
BTW, in the new version there are 3 less (yes, they always change all the ports in a new version).


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spouseele -> RE: More flexible protocol definition (30.Jun.2002 12:24:00 PM)

Hi Danny,

you don't have much choice unless you are willing to accept a very open access policy. This brings me to another important wish More granular outbound access control .


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