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jeroenm -> Option to allow all multicast groups (11.Jun.2002 11:55:00 PM)

The Windows 2000 Routing and Remote Access Service can forward multicast traffic, but the ISA server packet filter normally rejects all multicast groups, unless an allow udp packet filter is configured. This can be done per multicast group only, by specifying a multicast group address as a specific external ip address of the isa server. Allowing all multicast groups this way means you have to build about 265 million IP packet filters (I think). I'm not too happy about that!

I think it should be possible to allow multicast traffic to reach the multicast routing engine of the server so I would like to see an option to allow all inbound multicast groups at once, or allow a range of external ip addresses for the IP packet filters.

btw, Tom, thanks for this forum "[Wink]"



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