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ismaster -> ISA change like a new model car (22.Dec.2003 3:49:00 AM)

Isa server should change totally like a new models car.there should be more should have its own personal firewall.lots of third party addons should be in it.real time monitoring is needed in it.cache should be little more advance and custom.isa should also be based on mac address based like client set address.application restriction like we restrict user by adding application name in FW should be more advance like it should be individually this way we can restrict selected users.cache should be removeable by selecting different things from it.scheduled contant should b more filtered so we if we dont want giff images to download or its exe files or something like that.extension part should be more gui and routing should b in it.its event viewer or log file viewer is not as good as win 2000 or win 2003 they should really work on it.thats it microsofttttttttt. "[Big

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