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roamer -> Urgent Help - ISA2004 on NT4 domain (13.Feb.2005 6:30:00 AM)

Dear all,

current NT model
= a single domain NT4
current OWA
= OWA 5.5 server with SP4 with no certificate
placement OWA
= intranet OWA, behind the firewall
current firewall
= PIX 515

what the new boss wants by Monday:
- users can logon to OWA from anywhere on the Internet.

I have not installed ISA2004 before but unfortunately I need to know the following answers before Monday.

1/ Does ISA2004 support NT4 domain and Exchange 5.5 Exchange server?

2/ If I configure ISA to force users logging on to OWA using HTTPS, does it mean I am forcing IE users to install the private-based certificate beforehand? Is there an option that Internet cafe users can avoid installing the certificate?

Thank you muchly.


tshinder -> RE: Urgent Help - ISA2004 on NT4 domain (13.Feb.2005 2:47:00 PM)

Hi Roamer,

What's the PIX for? It can be configured to tunnel 443 inbound, then attackers can hide their attacks in the tunnel from the PIX [Big Grin]

OK, first you might want to put the PIX on eBay and trade it for some chocolate and flowers for Valantines day [Smile]

Now to answer your questions:

1. Should be no problem. Just make sure to join the ISA firewall to the domain and configure the DNS and WINS settings on the ISA firewall as described in the book

2. You CA certificate does not need to be installed on the clients for OWA. They'll see a little error dialog box, but they can click through it.


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