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snivek -> Joining a Domain (14.Apr.2005 2:43:00 PM)

I have an ISA 2004 server as a backend firewall for my DMZ. In this setup is it safe to join it to our internal Domain? Should i create a second domain and have it trust my internal domain? If anyone can send some guidlines as to when and how it is recommended to get ISA into a domain that would be great! Thanks!

tshinder -> RE: Joining a Domain (14.Apr.2005 3:35:00 PM)

Hi Snivek,


You definitely should join the ISA firewall to the domain. When configured correctly, the only firewall that will be owned in your organization is going to be the Cisco device that hasn't been patched for two years.

You will benefit from a number of security enhancements when you join the ISA firewall to your internal domain.


snivek -> RE: Joining a Domain (14.Apr.2005 6:51:00 PM)

Great, thanks! Do you know of any articles i can read that discuss making sure things are locked down on the ISA box so as to not comprimise the domain and that cover the additional benefits of doing so? Thanks again!

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