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zhangmeibo -> [warning]unexpected error (11.Mar.2004 4:32:00 AM)

Hi , all

My server has running 6 days(windows net server 2003 + ISA server 2004 beta) ,but today my isa 2004 server crashed , and I found these log in event log :

1)The Firewall service stopped because an application filter module C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdll.dll generated an exception code C0000005 in address 77F37450 when function CompleteAsyncIO was called. To resolve this error, remove recently installed application filters and restart the service.

2)Faulting application wspsrv.exe, version 4.0.1872.0, stamp 3fb2f88a, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.2.3790.0, stamp 3e812244, debug? 0, fault address 0x00007450.

3)Due to an unexpected error, the service fwsrv stopped responding to all requests. Try to stop the service or kill the corresponding process if it does not respond, and start it again. Check the Event Viewer for related error messages.

Ntdll.dll is the windows net server 2003 system file .
ISA 2004 server had crashed once last week , But at that time event log only has the third log above .
Does anyone has the same error ?

tshinder -> RE: [warning]unexpected error (11.Mar.2004 11:17:00 AM)

Hi Meibo,

Haven't seen this problem yet! I watch out for it.


zhangmeibo -> RE: [warning]unexpected error (12.Mar.2004 5:40:00 AM)

Hi , Tom

This problem has happened 3 times on my server .
Before use ISA server 2004 , I use kerio winroute firewall . I think winroute maybe cause this problem .


tshinder -> RE: [warning]unexpected error (12.Mar.2004 1:24:00 PM)

Hi Meibo,

Yes, that could do it! Can you reformat and reinstall?


Guest -> RE: [warning]unexpected error (12.Mar.2005 1:06:00 PM)

We are seeing the same on our server today, firewall keeps halting. We are not using winroute.

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