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joemarr_intek -> Custom error / blocked pages (8.Dec.2004 3:04:00 AM)

How do I configure a web page/s to be delivered to a web proxy client when they request a blocked page. I would like to customize the pages to inform users that they tried to access a blocked website.

Thanks in advance.

zzz343 -> RE: Custom error / blocked pages (8.Dec.2004 5:29:00 PM)

In your site deny rule properties , in Action tab, click on
"If HTTP requests, redirect request to this URL"
& then type your html page location you wanna show to users if they open blocked sites.

We have a deny rule which blocks many x sites, so whenever the user open those x sites, they are redirected to local web server like http://server/xdeny.htm which explains why there acces was blocked.

joemarr_intek -> RE: Custom error / blocked pages (8.Dec.2004 5:31:00 PM)

Thanks for the reply.

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