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willi042 -> could it be that ISA2004 is pretty buggy ? (18.Jan.2005 12:25:00 PM)


since we have ISA2004 in prioduction as a replacement for ISA2000 we have several problems which I cannot explain.

Either its because I am to stupid or ISA is buggy.


Several http links dont work whyever:
see also my post;f=21;t=000231

Domain controller set is not updated properly resp. cannot be updated manually;f=21;t=000231

External network connections;f=21;t=000231

This also happens when I try to ping any client from VPN Clients.

from the Internal network although I have a rule order no. 1 which allows ICMP and pinfg from anywher to anywhere. From ISA server itself it works without any problems

Any help on any of the issues is greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

tshinder -> RE: could it be that ISA2004 is pretty buggy ? (18.Jan.2005 5:20:00 PM)

Hi Willi,

I don't have any of these problems, so I don't think its ISA bugs, unless the bugs forgot to enter mine and my customer's boxes [Smile]

The fact that you created a rule that allows anything from anywhere to anywhere reflects maybe the tip of a configuration problem iceberg. Have you reviewed the pre-installation and installation chapters in the book yet?


willi042 -> RE: could it be that ISA2004 is pretty buggy ? (20.Jan.2005 4:11:00 PM)

Hello Thomas,

thanks for your reply.

Did you test the link from my post I can hardly believe that this works as one user replied to my post and had exactly the same error. Did you try ?

Regarding the Rule from anywhere to anywhere I tried this only after the "regular" steps did not succeed.

The tip of a iceberg or a chain of errors I was also assuming and therefore I installed a new machine using the wizard and only creating one network and one additional rule but unfortunately the error persists.

I also already had a consultant on-site who was not able to find a configuration error (4 eyes see more than two)

Unfortunately I cannot find any external consultant who is able to solve this issues.

In case any consultant reading this based near Frankfurt/Germany please contact me if you can help !

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