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quadragin -> Remote site routing issue (9.May2005 11:53:00 PM)

Hi all,
Here is my set up:
We have two sites connected via frame relay.
Main site has DC, ISA server and Internet connection. The remote site is connected via frame relay, the frame relay is connected in to the main sites LAN switch.
Main site IP info
Default Gateway (ISA Server)
Router to remote site

Remote Site info
Router to main site

Qwest is telling me that the ISA server is preventingthe 2 networks from talking. I have set up a routing rule Source Destination I can not find a way to point the ISA server to which would send internal remote traffice back to the remote site.
Do I need to add anoth NIC the ISA server and connect the remote site directly to it?

tshinder -> RE: Remote site routing issue (10.May2005 1:28:00 AM)

Hi Dave,

Behind which interface on the ISA firewall is the remote site?


quadragin -> RE: Remote site routing issue (10.May2005 6:39:00 AM)

The remote site is connected to the internal networks LAN.
We have a 3 port cisco appliance at the Host site.
1 Port connects to the internet
1 Port connects to the ISA server
1 port connects an Adtrans router that connects to the remote site and the internal LAN switch.
The Adtrans Routers internal IP is
ISA internal is External 65.X.X.250
Network at remote site is

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