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caltomare -> ISA Server 2004 Appliances (6.Jul.2005 11:06:00 AM)

Is it better to go with the "ISA Server 2004 Appliances" or the traditional server, software installation?

Any suggestions, ideas?

tshinder -> RE: ISA Server 2004 Appliances (8.Jul.2005 9:45:00 AM)

Hi Caltomare,

An appliance can be more cost effective, in support and up front cost. Each appliance takes a unique approach to deploying an ISA hardware firewall, so check each one out carefully before buying.


caltomare -> RE: ISA Server 2004 Appliances (11.Jul.2005 9:56:00 AM)

Which one do you think would be best for a 100+ computer business thats needs a ton of security?

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jbarsodi -> RE: ISA Server 2004 Appliances (11.Jul.2005 6:17:00 PM)

I purchased 2 HP VPN and Cache appliances running on the new DL 320 generation. So far(after initization) I'm impressed. I'm building the test environment with virtual pc 2k4 right now.

I highly recommend the HP offering.

Our previous ISA2000 box was a "a la cart" build... and I prefer the appliance over it.

caltomare -> RE: ISA Server 2004 Appliances (12.Jul.2005 8:50:00 AM)

Thank you for your help. Any more suggestions from anyone else?

caltomare -> RE: ISA Server 2004 Appliances (13.Jul.2005 4:23:00 PM)

Ok I have a company of 75+ computers, which isa appliance would you recommend going with? I saw I think 3 brands making them; HP, Celestix, and Network Engines.

I plan on purchasing one, are there any downfalls of these server appliances and if so what?

I appreciate everyones feedback so far I just want to find all the information possible from users rather then seraching there particular companies site, its not like they will say there appliances have down falls.

Thanks Again.

caltomare -> RE: ISA Server 2004 Appliances (13.Jul.2005 4:34:00 PM)

I did a little research and we have (VPN) and Network Engines does not have a VPN solution in there appliances

Rickymag -> RE: ISA Server 2004 Appliances (13.Jul.2005 4:37:00 PM)


I have been looking at the roadblock solution and it looks well priced and to be like a great solution with many add ons [Smile]


tshinder -> RE: ISA Server 2004 Appliances (13.Jul.2005 5:28:00 PM)

Hey guys,

All three vendors support caching, VPN and firewalling.

The big difference is how each vendor approach the "hardware-izing" of the ISA firewall. Each takes a very different approach.

There will be a review of these appliances in an upcoming Windows IT Pro magazine article I did.


jbarsodi -> RE: ISA Server 2004 Appliances (14.Jul.2005 4:39:00 PM)

I went with the HP solution over the Network Engines(which I saw their first unit - Celeron based proc) last year. Didn't like the fact that the hardware configuration was restricted. I built my HP's with RAID 1 and SCSI drives and Pentium processors vs. the celeron in the Network Engines.

I only spent approx $1500 more on the HP solution. We are a HP shop so it was also fitting. [Smile]

caltomare -> RE: ISA Server 2004 Appliances (18.Jul.2005 12:11:00 PM)

thats for the information, any others?

caltomare -> RE: ISA Server 2004 Appliances (21.Jul.2005 2:32:00 PM)


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