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Inspector12 -> ISA 2004 Enterprise Config store import (10.Nov.2005 5:16:50 PM)

Need help to establish a new config store.  I currently have two ISA 2004 Enterprise arrays which serve as a reverse proxy for a web published
application.  I have a QA array and a Prod array.  The 4 servers live in the corporate DMZ. The servers are Windows 2003 SP1 and reside in the corporate domain.  I want to establish a new config store on the internal side of the network and import the QA and Prod Array configurations to the new config store.  I am able to successfully backup the configs on both arrays.  I have the internal server configured as a  configuration store only.  When I try to import/restore the configurations taken from the existing arrays I get the following error 0xc00403a4. When I google for this error the only reference I find is:
Error 0xc00403a4
The exported enterprise XML file does not include data for the importing
object. The file cannot be imported into this object.
The error occurred on object 'Default Policy' of class 'Policy' in the scope
of enterprise policy 'Default Policy'.

If you have any experience with this issue please advise.  Thanks

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