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leslie -> Mcafee Security Shield (12.Nov.2005 3:51:25 PM)

Hi Everyone,
I tried a demo of Mcafee security shield some time ago and then uninstalled it as I was rather unhappy with it. I could never make the antivirus signatures update and could not even manage to make the content filtering work at all. This is tha aspect I am most interested in and would like the comments of anyone who has tried/is using this product. How do you rate Mcafee as compared to surfcontrol/GFI Webmonitor etc?
Thanks a lot

wbplomp -> RE: Mcafee Security Shield (16.Nov.2005 9:40:17 PM)

Hi Leslie,

Just installed McAfee SecurityShield trial version, but I don't like it at all. Not only the interface, but also the requirements like Java. I still have to get deeper into it. Next week a McAfee consultant of is at our office. I'll go more into detail with him, but my first impressions is not good. Need it for about 5000 clients, so that's why I'm a bit sceptic.

The specs from GFI Web Monitor look great, but I'm also not that impressed at all. But it looks better than SecurityShield.

I'm looking for other software, bu no luck so far.



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