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ACrispiels -> RPC unavailable (13.Nov.2005 6:49:40 PM)


Now that I've just finished to install Isa on a win2k3 member server (single network template) to act as proxy only, I'm receiving error messages "RPC unavailable" from applications already installed on that server.

I've created a rule to permit all to everyone.

I don't want that ISA filters something, it would be transparent, without security, is it possible ?

Thank you for your response.


LLigetfa -> RE: RPC unavailable (13.Nov.2005 6:57:20 PM)

ISA is and always will be first and foremost, a firewall.  You may need to adjust the system policy to suit.  What did your write for your "permit all to everyone" rule?

Did you apply SP1 to ISA?

ACrispiels -> RE: RPC unavailable (13.Nov.2005 7:19:46 PM)

Thank you for your response.

The access rule is simple : allow all outbound traffic from all networks (and localhost) to all networks (and localhost).

I've also tryed to create another rule to allow all inbound traffic from all networks (and localhost) to all notworks (and localhost) but I've not found how to do it.


ACrispiels -> RE: RPC unavailable (13.Nov.2005 7:20:26 PM)

SP1 is applyed.

desuzep -> RE: RPC unavailable (10.Mar.2011 10:22:15 AM)

having a similar problem when trying to add users/groups to grant access to internet access

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