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dasmail2000 -> Alert Definitions question (22.Nov.2005 6:01:22 PM)

I have both ISA 2004 Standard and Enterprise and I noticed something odd -

The number of available Alert Definitions in the Standard Edition are substantially fewer than in the Enterprise Edition.

So, I am curious as to why this is the case and is there any way to add the alert definitions that are found in the Enterprise Edition to the Standard Edition.

(Specifically, I wish to utlize the "Logging Resumed" definition in the Standard Edition - it is only found in the Enterprise Edition.)

Thanks for your thoughts!

tshinder -> RE: Alert Definitions question (23.Nov.2005 1:23:20 AM)

Hi Dasmail,

There are  a number of features available only in EE, these def's being one of them.

Perhaps with ISA SP2 comes out, they'll add these to SE.


dasmail2000 -> RE: Alert Definitions question (23.Nov.2005 12:26:37 PM)

Yeah - that is what I thought.  It just seems odd that Alert Defs would be a difference between the two versions.  Additionally odd as there is no mention (that I was able to find anyway) on MS's ISA site that notes this difference.

Thanks for the reply.

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