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hollistera -> Antivirus (12.Dec.2005 11:32:23 AM)

Anyone got any recommendations for Antivirus plugins or add-ons for ISA 2004?

I have tried Bitdefender which I get errors from and have been trying to get resolved through the support desk, No result so far.

Also tried Panda which seemed to need a whole management installation just to install the plugin for ISA - seemed a bit of an overkill.

Installed McAfee SecurityShield that worked quite successfully and does alot of other things beside. Trouble is that I have McAfee on the desktop and I want a different product on the gateway.

The other vendors seem to be stuck on ISA 2000 for some reason as far as I can tell.

Any suggestions gratefully received!

dgj2003 -> RE: Antivirus (25.Jan.2006 4:51:12 PM)

CA has a sort of patch/fiddle to get the ISA 2000 version to work with ISA 2004.
It's clunky and unmanageable.
It does work - but there are hardly any configurabel options!
No sign on when the ISA 2004 version is out.....

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