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hollistera -> Keyword filtering (12.Dec.2005 11:39:38 AM)

I am trying to protect a Sharepoint site. The site is in a DMZ and I want to control what documents users in my network can upload to the sharepoint site. The way I want to do this is by looking for keywords in a custom property of the document. i.e if the keyword says 'Company Confidential' then it should be blocked by the filter.

Anyone know of anything that does this sort of thing?

Thanks in advance.

J.F. -> RE: Keyword filtering (27.Dec.2005 7:05:41 PM)

Hi H:

I don't know of a third-party tool for this, but it might be scripted like this:

Create a WebDav share that allows IIS/NTFS write access to authenticated users, but not read or list (i.e., it's a "dropbox"); this is where users will upload their files. 

Next, have a scheduled script run every five minutes that copies files from the dropbox folder to the other folder (which others do have read access to), but the script should check the properties and/or contents of the files first, e.g., by searching for "Company Confidential".

You can see a sample script for accessing the properties in MS Word docs here:

There is also a MS Word Software Developer's Kit and VBA reference:

Here are some sample scripts for moving/copying/deleting/etc files and folders:

Hope This Helps!

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