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kevindubay -> Monitoring won't start (14.Dec.2005 4:41:45 PM)

Hello Forum Members,

I'm having a problem on my ISA box when I try to Start Monitoring Sessions (under %Servername% > Monitoring > Sessions Tab)  I get a message box that pops up. The message is: "The query stopped because an error occurred while it was running". In the event viewer I do not notice anything in particular that relates to monitoring but I do get a few events related to ISA 2004 in general. The "Application" events are:
Source: Microsoft Firewall; Event ID: 14057
Source: Microsoft ISA Server 2004; Event ID: 1000
Source: Microsoft ISA Server Control; Event ID: 14079
These previous 3 seem to be related to the Firewall Service
Source Microsoft ISA Server Web Proxy; Event ID: 14176
This previous message seems to be related to Web Proxy Service
Unfortunately, this issue has come up at a customer site and I'm not always around so if there have been any changes to the configuration I can not absolutely say for sure but if anyone has any ideas about the previous EVENT ID's I would appreciate the feedback..!!!

Kevin Dubay

tshinder -> RE: Monitoring won't start (27.Dec.2005 3:40:20 PM)

Hi Kevin,

What do those Events represent?


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