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grinn253 -> CheckHotfixes.vbs (20.Dec.2005 8:29:32 PM)

Hi all,

After November 2005 Windows Critical Updates, it does not appear that the CheckHotFixes.vbs script works properly anymore. (Sample Scripts here:

What happens now is that whatever text is listed in the "hotfixlist.txt" file, the checkhotfixes.vbs script completes successfully, even if not all hotfixes are installed.  Can someone confirm that after installing November 2005 Critical Updates their checkhotfixes.vbs script still works properly?


mailman25 -> RE: CheckHotfixes.vbs (21.Dec.2005 7:26:17 PM)


You might try increasing the sizes of the sInstalledQFE and sReqdQFE arrays in the checkhotfixes.vbs script.  As written, the script sets the maximum number elements of both arrays to 40.  This means that, in its original form, the script can only handle up to 40 hotfixes either installed or in the hotfix list file. 

Look for the following line in the script.

Dim sInstalledQFE(40), sReqdQFE(40)

Increase the size of each array from 40 to say 100 and then try the script again.



grinn253 -> RE: CheckHotfixes.vbs (22.Dec.2005 5:27:44 PM)

Thanks mailman25!!  Increasing the array size indeed allowed the script to run as needed. Next time i'll read through the sample scripts a little more carefully to understand what is going on.[:o]


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