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zziaullah -> find HTML page when we block any site (27.Dec.2005 7:36:54 AM)


i have windows 2003 server and isa 2k with sp2
i have a question how to edit the page which is displayed when we block any website
for example... i blocked the site now when user will open open this site it wont open and there will be page displayed... "The Page Cannot Be Displayed" i want to edit this page and it should displayed "Games Are Not Allowed".... is it possible?

anyone have idea...?


LLigetfa -> RE: find HTML page when we block any site (27.Dec.2005 2:45:40 PM)

Well... I don't know jack about ISA 2000 but if you search for my topic "How to block sites and not get "403 Forbidden"?"  where I talk to myself, you might get some ideas.

Note that modifying the error htm file would give you the same page regardless of what rule blocked it so if you had it say "No Games Allowed" and you were blocking porn... well, you get the picture.

You probably would want to use redirects instead.

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