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shijaz -> SSL-Tunnel Failed Connection Attempt (29.Dec.2005 4:43:02 PM)


I have an 2 node ISA 2004 Enterprise Array with NLB enabled on the internal network. Its functioning as a proxy and not a firewall (single NIC configuration). I use proxy chaining to upstream all requests to a remote upstream proxy server. (no authentication/certificates, just simple chaining to upstream server).

The setup works perfectly for normal web sites. But when my users visit websites which use SSL like GMail, they get a Proxy Error 502: Connection Refused error. In the ISA monitoring I see SSL-Tunnel - Failed Connection Attempt. This happens for loading all pages with SSL like GMail and also Yahoo Mail and Hotmail when user clicks the Sign In Button.

I'm at my wit's end with this and I would really appreciate if you could you please help me out with this!

Thanks in advance,


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