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msanlon -> Suggestion for Wolverine (31.Dec.2005 2:20:54 AM)

Please Microsoft, for God's sake... Put complete SIP routing support into ISA Server 2006.

Your own products use SIP now, and the workaround for ISA 2004/LCS 2005 appears to be duct tape.

H323 was ok in 2000 but you had to take that out of 04 because you couldn't secure it.

In fact, if you are feeling like really being on top of things - Have it support both TCP SIP ala LCS 2005 and UDP SIP (The rest of the bloody world)

Mebbe then... we can get that Asterisk PBX to talk to that LCS Server....

What do you think Tom?

tshinder -> RE: Suggestion for Wolverine (4.Jan.2006 7:35:33 PM)

I think you're right. I'd put it third on the priorities:

1. Support for static NAT mappings to solve the RDNS and related issues
2. Support for multiple ISPs/gateways
3. SIP support for LCS at the least


ntldr -> RE: Suggestion for Wolverine (11.Jan.2006 2:07:27 PM)

Hello, Microsoft!

When are you going to complete your networking solution with a working traffic shaping/prioritization service?
All other platforms supports that, but Windows/ISA Server

ferrix -> RE: Suggestion for Wolverine (10.Feb.2006 4:11:32 AM)

For those interested in SIP with LCS 2005 and are willing to help us with some testing then please come sign up for the Beta (that is available) of a SIP FILTER for ISA 2004.

Inspect TLS SIP traffic, 'fix up' SIP SDP messages, dynamically map secondary connections for P2P communications like File Transfers, App sharing and Audio/Video (without having to open up thousands of ports and with NAT!).  Come help us make it a great product and let us help make sure it works for YOUR LCS needs.  Free support to registered beta customers during the beta!

gtamas -> RE: Suggestion for Wolverine (11.Feb.2006 8:12:38 PM)


1. Support for multiple ISPs/gateways
2. Correct, logical and simple bandwith managing options for users/groups/etc.
3. Possible remove _all_ system policys

Jason Jones -> RE: Suggestion for Wolverine (12.Feb.2006 12:52:49 AM)

As above, plus:

* Application filters for SQL and LDAP

* Wizard to ask which system policies you actually need and then disable the rest. Ideally this would also ask questions like "What is the address of your DNS server?" as opposed to using 'Internal'

* ISA specific version of SCW which covers 'firewall aware' hardening and hardening of ISA elements along with the OS.



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