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Ashokk001 -> active caching (7.Jan.2006 12:30:10 PM)

Hello all,

Can anyone tell me if ISA Server 2004 supports active caching?. I do see the tab to cache Dynamic content but have had problems with option becuase it caches the user logon info etc i.e. users can get into another user's inbox in webmail scenarios etc.



J.F. -> RE: active caching (8.Jan.2006 5:42:44 AM)

Hi Ashok:

The "active caching" feature that existed in ISA 2000 no longer exists in ISA 2004, but that's different from the caching of dynamic content.


Ashokk001 -> RE: active caching (8.Jan.2006 5:52:12 PM)


Thanks for getting back on this, what exactly is the dynamic content - sorry to sound dumb - just familiar with this option available in ISA 2004.

I know we have problems when i enabled to content requiring logon, this in my opinion should not be enabled except where absolutely necessary. I say this because it has caused us problems, i however haven't done much testing on the dynamic option yet which is the reason i want to find out what it does.



J.F. -> RE: active caching (9.Jan.2006 12:20:47 AM)


Dynamic content from a web server is typically flagged as "don't cache" by that web server, so if you enable caching of dynamic content in ISA, ISA will go ahead and cache it anyway.  Strictly speaking, as I understand it, the content doesn't have to be generated by script or a program to make it "dynamic" in this context, it merely has to be marked as "don't cache".  Caching of dynamic content, along with the "content for offline browsing" caching option, allows you to browse a web site from ISA's cache even if the source site is completely inaccessible.  Googling these options on Microsoft's web site should bring up more details too.

Btw, something to consider is to require SSL for the logon pages in your web app for security, and then uncheck the box to "cache SSL responses" in the relevant ISA cache rule.


Ashokk001 -> RE: active caching (9.Jan.2006 6:48:30 PM)

Good stuff! Nice explaination.

Thanks Jason.


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