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wyodoc1 -> I passed 70-350 (11.Jan.2006 8:43:20 PM)

Looks like lots of us have been looking at this forum with few contributions lately about the test.  So I thought I should provide some info on my exam.

I took the exam a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was easier than the 227 exam.
Kind of like administering ISA2004 vs previous ISA2000.

I prepared using Dr Toms book, MSPress book, reading this web site and adminsitering several ISA servers.  Dr Toms book is always very near my desk.

There was a lot of enterprise level stuff, but thanks to the heads up in a previous post I was able to bone up on it before the test, since I don't do enterprise ISA it was a great heads up.

There was something like 40 or 50 questions, mostly multiple choice some drop and drag.

I was happy to not see anything to do with deployment senarios on SBS, not to mean that there might not be questions about that on other luck of the draw questions.

I think my score was right around 900 +-30 and it took perhaps an hour to get through it.

I am sorry I didn't think to put my experience down in the forum before it faded.  Feel free to ask me questions here in the forum about the test I will do my best to see if it causes a dim brain cell to brighten.

tshinder -> RE: I passed 70-350 (12.Jan.2006 6:24:26 PM)

Hi Wyodoc,

Thanks for the update! :)

Also, thanks for the kind words about me and the site [:D]


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