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shinuz -> Fed up with Connection (12.Jan.2006 9:15:05 AM)

Hi all, here it goes,
  I have installed 2003 server and isa 2004 standard edition on it.It is working perfectly in the local server computer.And ipmortant to say am using Domain controller as a isa server too. 
At the client side it irritating me.Working fine and after a time period (varies) it goes hang the connection.And when i browse through the server for an instance, it all comes back at the client side[:@].So each time time i got a hang at the client side i have to go and browse server for at lease google[X(].

Well i traced server with best practice analyzer tool... The result was it is functioning properly.. Can any one help on this issue?I will be getting mad in a few days...

jbarsodi -> RE: Fed up with Connection (12.Jan.2006 8:11:42 PM)

Sounds like you are having similar issues that a number of us are having.  There are soo many variables to this issue that you have to provide more information about your Firewall policy and network configuration to get anywhere. 

A good place to review might be this thread:

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