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tshinder -> Discussion about review on GFI WebMon 3.0 (13.Jan.2006 2:04:23 AM)

This thread is for discussing the article about GFI WebMon 3.0 at http://www.isaserver.org/articles/Product-Review-GFI-WebMonitor30.html


LLigetfa -> RE: Discussion about review on GFI WebMon 3.0 (13.Jan.2006 3:08:54 AM)

I was very disappointed that WM3.0 does not report on real FTP usage, only FTP over HTTP. FTP has the potential of hogging my pipe and it is important to me to be able to see who is FTPing. I suspect there would be other bandwidth suckers that it will not report on either, nor virus protect against.  Since I was so disappointed with the basic functionality, I did not bother to evaluate the advanced features like virus protection but I hear it has the same limitations as the monitor in that it can only block what it can see.

One other thing I noticed is sorely lacking is an exclude list. There is a lot of activity that I don't want WM3 to log or report on like the connectivity monitors and specific access like WPAD and of course surfing from my PC ;). It also reports on URLs as being accessed when in fact they are being denied by a given rule.

My experience was not nearly as enthusiastic as your review.  I submitted a comment on ISAserver.org but it never got accepted.

I notice that your review is for 3.0 and the current version 3.1 no longer has a free version.  If there still is a free version available for download, I could not find it.  If there is no longer a free version, it should be remove from the list of free software on this site.

tshinder -> RE: Discussion about review on GFI WebMon 3.0 (13.Jan.2006 5:57:25 PM)

Hi Les,

Yes, that's a problem for all the add-ins, they're just simple Web proxy plug ins, instead of true application filters that inspect all traffic. I don't know what the reason is for such a lack of plug ins, but I suspect it must be the complexity of the programming effort to create true ISA firewall applicatino filters that inspect non-Web proxy traffic [:@]

The exclude list is a problem as well, but there are ways around it, such as turning off the Web proxy configuration on the client and then unbind the Web proxy filter from the HTTP protocol. This enables hosts that aren't configured as Web proxy clients to bypass the Web proxy filter, and all its plug ins, completely.

At the time I wrote the article, there was a free version. I'll have to check to see if this is no longer true.


elmajdal -> RE: Discussion about review on GFI WebMon 3.0 (24.Jan.2006 10:53:25 PM)


I've been using GFI WM since Version 1.

today when i was changing some clients type , i noticed something.

when i disable the WP listener , i cant open the http://monitor.isa !!!

it seems that WM3 cant work in an enviroment where there is no WP clients or at least the WP listenere is not activated !!

is it becuz its a WP Filter , then it cant function without it, right?

tshinder -> RE: Discussion about review on GFI WebMon 3.0 (25.Jan.2006 8:03:04 PM)

Hi El,

That's right!


elmajdal -> RE: Discussion about review on GFI WebMon 3.0 (25.Jan.2006 11:15:23 PM)

Hi Tom,

then i will add to my wish list the following:

in the firewall Listener and WP Listener, i would like to have an option , to add in it for which computers this can be activated.

for example , if the WP listener enabled , not all users who set their IE proxy to be able to use it.
i know we can control this thru the rules , but it will be better if we can control it using this option.

for example in my situation , i would add only the ISA server to be able to use the WP so that i can work with the GFI WM , all other pcs will not be able to be WP clients.

the same thing is true for the FWC , if i want to enable it from isa server , i would like to have an option also for which computer list this is enable .


elmajdal -> RE: Discussion about review on GFI WebMon 3.0 (1.Feb.2006 5:32:37 PM)

Hi Tom,

i posted my question in GFI Forums , and YES u can work with GFI WM without using a proxy [:)].

u can still work and open GFI monitor page if u r a Secure-Nat client , all u have to do is to replace http://monitor.isa with the [:)]

check this :


Maro -> RE: Discussion about review on GFI WebMon 3.0 (14.Sep.2006 11:01:54 AM)

What about firewall client users ??? how can they open http://monitor.isa ???

Also, users using firewall client cannot be monitored by webmonitor since they have their proxy unchecked.
is there a solution that allows us to monitor firewall client users as well ???

I think this thread is dead [:D] But I tried my luck perhaps someone reads it [:D]

RAJP -> RE: Discussion about review on GFI WebMon 3.0 (16.Sep.2006 4:10:31 AM)

Well, I can't comment on anything here regarding http://monitor.isa since we only have two people authorized to access it and since all of our users are web proxy clients.

I can comment on how WebMonitor works for us, and that is wonderfully well. We've got 1,300 users behind it and it stops more malware and adware than any other product we tested (we are using all three engines). Every time it stops something, an automatic Help Desk ticket is generated via the email, so we can easily track such events.


tshinder -> RE: Discussion about review on GFI WebMon 3.0 (18.Sep.2006 3:41:12 PM)

Hi Ray,

Good info!

nblair -> RE: Discussion about review on GFI WebMon 3.0 (8.Jun.2007 7:04:38 AM)

Hi Tom

Firstly thats for a great review, I am trialing the WebMonitor with ISA 2004 and have just a small problem. I like the feature where your can add site to "Destinations Sets" or in ISA2004 case URL Sets. No here is my problem If I add a site it does add it to a something and it does apply to the correct block rule (I have different redirects for different block rules) and if I try to add a site twice it know its is already in the list, BUT if I go and look at the URL Set in ISA2004 its empty and if I export the list (Via slected) there are no URLs in it. So I can not remove something I have acidently added???

Where does WebMonitor hide it and yet beable to get ISA to act on it???

Over to you oh knowledgeable one

Cheers Neil

nblair -> RE: Discussion about review on GFI WebMon 3.0 (8.Jun.2007 7:29:18 AM)

Hi Tom

Please ignore moy last, Loser error but I founf I have to close down my ISA config session and then open it again to find the changes. Strange as everything esle does it on the fly. I suppose it becuase ISA is not doing and apply which I presume updates everything. Still great review Thanks.

Cheers Neil

tshinder -> RE: Discussion about review on GFI WebMon 3.0 (8.Jun.2007 9:02:45 AM)

Hi Neil,

Good to hear you got it working and thanks for the follow up!


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