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abdulmoid -> Urgent ! Client Update Fails (13.Jan.2006 5:17:58 PM)

Hi Everyone,

I am running a network of more than 300 nodes all on Windows XP, on the Server we have recently migrated to Windows Server 2003 and ISA Server 2004 but there is no Domain Environment we are running a Workgroup Environment.

What happens is that everything works fine for a couple of days, then all of a sudden, the ISA Firewall Clients on the Client Computers they are unable to Resolve the Server Name and therefore everything stops working (Clients cannot browse Internet, Outlook etc.)

When we open the Firewall Client and click on UPDATE, it does not resolve the Server Name and Refresh Operation Fails, If I put the IP Address of the Server instead of the Server Name then refresh operation is successful, but things don't work in this case as well and a Red Exclamation mark appears on the Firewall Client.

I have One Access Rule Implemented, which is:

Allow ---> All IP Traffic ---> From Internal and LocalHost ---> To External and Anywhere ---> Applicable for All Users

If I play with the ISA settings for a while things sometimes start working again, but after half an hour or so it happens again and the Client is unable to Refresh.

An urgent help will be more than appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Abdul Moid

steavg -> RE: Urgent ! Client Update Fails (13.Jan.2006 9:23:42 PM)


Install the fwctool and try to test the connection to your ISA server.

Are you experiencing DNS problems?



abdulmoid -> RE: Urgent ! Client Update Fails (14.Jan.2006 3:06:04 PM)

I haven't tested the connectivity using the fwctool and my DNS is working fine. I'll install the fwctool and let you know the results.

Thanks and Regards,
Abdul Moid

abdulmoid -> RE: Urgent ! Client Update Fails (17.Jan.2006 5:16:02 PM)

Hi Everyone,

Now this is what I did, I installed Windows Server 2003 again and ran dcpromo and then configured a Scope in DHCP and then installed ISA Server 2004 (Standard).

What is happening right now is that all the firewall clients are not being updated, when we press the update button it says, Could not locate ISA Server, the ISA Server might be down or not available on this network.

When I ran the fwctool, it is also not locating the ISA Server.

Whereas, when we disable ISA Firewall Client on the Client Computers and change the proxy in Internet Explorer from SERVER:8080 to Port 8080 everything is working fine.

The only problem that remains on my network is that ISA Client is not being updated/refreshed and is unable to locate the ISA Server.

I'm a newbie, please some urgent help will be highly appreciated. We are running a workgroup environment.

We have not configured DNS as well.

DHCP is working perfect.

Thanks and regards,
Abdul Moid

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