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jrfrancis -> Vpn router to router ISA 2004 (17.Jan.2006 1:28:55 AM)

Hi All

A simple problem for you guys.

1. I Have two Offices connected via vpn using two Draytek 2600G, VPN's work fine.
2. The head office has a new SBS 2003 server with Isa 2004 installed, using the recommended installation routine (ie two nics) eventhough the vpns are connected, we cannot access each others network by mapping or whatever!!!.
3. From the server end I can ping remote workstations but not map drives, also we can connect to remote pc's using remote destop but that seems as far as I can go.
4. Going back the other way nothing.

Could really do with some help here!!! please.  It must be a access rule missing or I require to use port forwarding on the router???
Just can't figure this one out.

Sunny.C -> RE: Vpn router to router ISA 2004 (19.Jan.2006 4:45:15 AM)

Dam good routers they are [;)]
I am using 6 of them in my network and 6 of the 2800.

Any how to your question now, have your configured the isa server to allow the connection in??
Are you getting errors in your logs???
Why don't you just let the isa handle the vpn server instead of the router doing it?

jrfrancis -> RE: Vpn router to router ISA 2004 (19.Jan.2006 11:25:51 AM)

Hi Sunny

I feel like a plonker, I figured that out yesterday. Thanks for replying.

seanofarrell -> RE: Vpn router to router ISA 2004 (16.Mar.2006 12:20:02 AM)

A Novice question!

I want to implement my first site to site vpn using SBS 2003 Prem SP1 with ISA 2004 SP2 and Draytek Routers.
Would you guys have any step by step guides in setting up these VPN's?



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