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Martinin -> Does native mode affect ISA 2004? (19.Jan.2006 7:40:20 PM)

I am pretty sure moving my Windows 2000 domain to native mode will not affect my ISA 2004 server, but my boss is being paranoid.  Therefore I have to ask will "upgrading" out domain to native mode affect our ISA 2004 server's operations in a negative manner?  Thanks.

carorieta -> RE: Does native mode affect ISA 2004? (20.Jan.2006 3:00:37 AM)

When we did this, we did not ask ourself that question.
Native mode means all your Domain Controller are Windows 2000 AD Domain Controllers. Move to this mode when there is not Windwos NT 4.0 BDCs on your network, of course U still have support for windows NT 4.0 member servers.
Just to give you peace of mind:
1. Our network was migrated from Windows NT 4.0SP6/Exchange 5.5 to Windows 2003SP1/Exchange2003SP1.
Guess what, before implementing the migration, one of the migration requirement was that the Windwos 2003 domain mode = Native Mode. We did not experienced any problems with my ISA firewall 2000 running on Windwos 2000 server. For our surprise, even the outgoing authentication integrated with the NT 4.0 domain, was "migrated" to the new 2K3 domain name, when migrating the computer account for ISA 2000.
One more thing last month we replaced the ISA 2K with ISA 2K4. .

2. Another case more similar to yours.
We installed Exchange 2000 on a Windwos 2000 network, after finishing the Exchange 2000, I also
changed from Mixed to native mode, for both: the Windwos 2000 Domain and the Exchange Organization.
This did not have any negative effect in their the ISA server

By my personal  "experiences" I would say it's safe


Martinin -> RE: Does native mode affect ISA 2004? (20.Jan.2006 3:48:04 PM)

Thanks for the response.  I did not think anything would happen, but the higher ups are a bit paranoid about changing anything that seems to be "working". [:o]

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