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alessandrofr -> Web Publishing Logging (19.Jan.2006 9:33:14 PM)

Hi all,

I have a network that consists of 2 DMZs, with an ISA Server 2004 at the front-end DMZ publishing the 80 and 443 ports of a www server located at the back-end DMZ.
My problem appears when I need to check any log from my www server, because all the source addresses are the ISA Server address.
Do you know what I have to do to have the real Ip address from the clients in the logs ?

Thanks in advance.


carorieta -> RE: Web Publishing Logging (21.Jan.2006 5:49:07 AM)

Hi Alessandrofr,

Check the Properties for the web site Publishing Rule, specifically check the TO Tab
You have two options:
Request appear to come from the ISA server
Request appear to come from the original client

By default the first option is selected

Good luck

alessandrofr -> RE: Web Publishing Logging (23.Jan.2006 5:03:33 PM)


Thatīs the problem. If I choose the second option (Request appear to come from the original client) Iīll have to open a rule in the firewall allowing public addresses to access my back-end DMZ. hus, there wouldnīt reasons to have the reverse proxy.



endt -> RE: Web Publishing Logging (14.Feb.2006 6:04:13 PM)

Hi Alessandro,

I have exactly the same problem.  

The solution I'm trying to implement is

  • Install an isapi filter on the ISA Server (ClientIpForwarder):  The behavior of that filter is to append the source ip address to the http header.
  • Develop an isapi filter on the web servers (to replace the source ip address with the one that was added in the http header by the other filter) 

    I'm wondering if a simpler solution exists.  Did you find a solution to your problem? 



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