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mthurmond -> NLB failure (19.Jan.2006 11:31:17 PM)

I am having problems getting NLB to work on ISA 2004 EE.  The configuration is as follows:

1 ISA 2004 Configuration Storage server located on VLAN 1
2 ISA 2004 EE servers connected to dedicated Layer 2 switch witht the ports tagged for VLAN2, array is configured using the single network adapter template.  CARP and Caching are enabled.

Using this configuration everything works great.  The moment Integrated NLB is enabled all connectivity is lost.  Period.

The router gets the mac address for the cluster in it's arp table, the switch associates the unique mac addresses for each host to each respective port.  The ISA servers however cannot successfully perform ARP resolution at all.  They attempt to locate the default gateway using arp,  with an ethernet source of the unique mac of the isa server, but a reply mac in the arp portion of the cluster mac (which should be expected).  The router never responds (or the response never makes it to the ISA server), therefore the ISA server cannot communicate outside of it's network.

If I define a static arp entry on the ISA server for the gateway, all is well.  Until the ISA server restarts and loses the static ARP entry.

I've been banging my head for a while and cannot figure out what I'm missing...

Any help is appreciated.


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