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awhite -> Another newbie question, single NIC model (23.Jan.2006 11:59:15 PM)

Hi there

I set up my ISA 2004 box with a single NIC to replace the old msproxy. All we want to do is cache web traffic. I defined "internal" network and created a rule to allow http, https and ftp access from Internal to Internal, External and localhost.

I have another protected network that is not in the Internal address range that I want to allow access to Internal only, not External.

If I add that network's range to Internal, it works fine via the existing "web access" rule. But if I create a new definition for that network, and a new rule to allow it to access local host and Internal, the connection is denied to the ISA server by no apparent rule.

The workaround is to put that network's range into Internal and use SurfControl to block access from that network to anything not in a specified custom category. But how can I configure ISA 2004 to allow this network through on its own? I don't understand why the connection is being blocked before it even gets to the rule that should allow it, but the "normal" web access rule works for everyone else?

- Adam

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