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zodiaczz -> VPN Remote users proxy and internet (25.Jan.2006 4:34:41 AM)

Just curious, I am a newbie at proxy but here it could help.

Right now I have mobile users connecting to the network through a vpn client.

When users are connected to the VPN they cant get access to the Internet.  I thought this was natural since the VPN is using the Internet for the tunnel. 

I have also heard that you could set up a proxy server to allow users to be able to go on the internet and VPN at the same time.  Is that correct?

What is the best way to set this up, and what kind of security issues am I looking at here


spouseele -> RE: VPN Remote users proxy and internet (28.Jan.2006 7:46:26 PM)

Hi zidiaczz,

check out:
- http://www.microsoft.com/technet/community/columns/cableguy/cg1003.mspx 
- http://www.isaserver.org/tutorials/VPN_Client_Security_Issues.html 
- http://www.isaserver.org/articles/How_to_Implement_VPN_OffSubnet_IP_Addresses.html 
- http://www.isaserver.org/tutorials/2004fixipsectunnel.html

otherwise, google on the words 'split tunneling'. [;)]


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