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floabn -> ISA Server 2006 (10.Feb.2006 11:23:49 PM)

I noticed that Microsoft has released ISA Server 2006 Beta and it is available for download.
The details on the enhancements from 2005 are vague.   It looks as if it is being released to coincide with 2003 Server R2.

elmajdal -> RE: ISA Server 2006 (12.Feb.2006 6:33:13 PM)

well ,

its still a BETA version so things might change later when its officially released.

i didnt see that much change from isa 2004 , its only easier in publishing exchange server , sharepoint servers.

the Features that were added in ISA 2004 sp2 are now built-in within isa 2006.

new features are for worms and blocking them.nothing much about it till today.

lets give it some time and see later.

tshinder -> RE: ISA Server 2006 (12.Feb.2006 7:56:24 PM)

Hi Tarek,

I'm working on putting together a new feature list, as its not very easy at this point to figure out what's new and improved.


elmajdal -> RE: ISA Server 2006 (12.Feb.2006 11:05:52 PM)

Hi Tom,

since we started talking about ISA 2006 [:)], when should we expect your NEW Book? will it be before OR after the official release of ISA 2006?


Jason Jones -> RE: ISA Server 2006 (13.Feb.2006 6:23:46 PM)

Spotted some good info on what's new and what's the same in the reviewers guide:

Appendix B:  ISA Server 2006 Feature List
This section provides a list of ISA Server 2006 features with brief descriptions and whether each feature is new, improved, or similar to a feature existing in ISA Server 2004.

tshinder -> RE: ISA Server 2006 (14.Feb.2006 5:05:39 PM)

Hi Jason,


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