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StevensDE -> ISA 2004 Proxy Error 403 - Help - (15.Feb.2006 3:44:54 PM)


i have a problem with our ISA 2004 Server. The isa is installed on a Windows Server 2003 machine.

We use the ISA only as a Web Proxy & Cache Server.

The ISA Server run without any problems. But after 2-14 hours we receive the error 403 forbidden. This error come, if we would like to have access to an internet page.

Only a reboot of the isa server help in this situation. After a reboot all is okay.

And 2-14 hours later it come error 403 again.
- Error Code: 403 Forbidden. The ISA Server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). (12202)

What can i do?

Thanks for your support.

hantahipi -> RE: ISA 2004 Proxy Error 403 - Help - (4.Mar.2006 6:54:36 AM)


18 days late, have you solved it?

Are you getting the error with the clients? How's your deployment, are you using FC, have you configured autodiscovery?

Too many questions, ha?[:@]


Jim Harrison -> RE: ISA 2004 Proxy Error 403 - Help - (14.Mar.2006 1:33:02 AM)

Some details would help, too.
What Widnows SP / patches?
What ISA SP / patches?
What system or application event logs entries do you find?
What Isa alerts do you find?

fishman -> RE: ISA 2004 Proxy Error 403 - Help - (6.Jun.2006 11:31:55 AM)

I am interested to see the final outcome to this problem, has it been resolved?

thecoffeeguy -> RE: ISA 2004 Proxy Error 403 - Help - (30.Jun.2006 8:40:04 PM)

having a similiar issue myself...i'll provide more info here as I go along.

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